About Counselling.

When we bottle up feelings such as anger, grief, anxiety or confusion, they can become very intense and we can be left feeling distressed, dissatisfied or confused.

Counselling sessions provide a private and confidential setting in which a client can explore aspects of their life and feelings, talking about them freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with friends or family. Their counsellor is trained to listen differently, putting themselves aside in order to hear and feel how it is for their client.

The experience and clarity a client gains from counselling can help them make sense of their thoughts and feelings, make choices about things they may wish to change and come to terms with things that they can't.

People come to counselling for any number of reasons. They may be prompted by a significant life event such as bereavement, illness or a relationship breakdown, or they may wish to identify and break unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Others won’t have a specific reason but will be experiencing a general sense of unhappiness or anxiety and will use therapy as a way to make sense of these feelings.

There is no right or wrong reason to come for counselling and whatever your motivation, therapy can be an empowering process which helps you take control of your life, resolve your difficulties and increase your sense of wellbeing.

I offer therapy for a wide range of issues, including bereavment, depression, anxiety and relationships, in a central inchester location.

If you would like to talk through your needs informally, please feel free to contact me.